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Development of quality staff is the key to the overall success of your organization and is fundamental to the implementation of any strategy or vision.  Members of senior management, who frequently lack the resources necessary to properly recruit, train and evaluate personnel, often find themselves responding to personnel issues rather than concentrating on their primary areas of responsibility.  New hires are expected to hit the ground running, seeking advice and counsel from their managers or peers within the organization. Unfortunately, these are the most trusted, talented and overworked staff members, who must then forsake their own work to render assistance.






Turnaround Arts Management's goal is to enable your employees to provide the highest level of service to your patrons.  All staff members need training to acquire or enhance those skills necessary to develop within and beyond their roles. 








We can help train new and veteran staff to be qualified, enthusiastic and motivated members of your organization, committed to contributing to your success. Turnaround Arts Management can perform a training assessment in virtually every area of your operation, including box office, front of house, fundraising and development. 








An assessment pinpoints areas of employee performance that can be improved, allowing application of specific training that addresses key areas, thus increasing the effectiveness of employees without incurring undue costs in terms of time and other resources.



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